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4 Reasons To Own An IKids U STEM Franchise

4 Reasons to Own an iKids U STEM Franchise

A STEM after school franchise will directly impact how children learn. Becoming a STEM franchise owner is about far more than starting an education-based business. As an iKids U STEM franchise owner, you have a unique opportunity to participate in…

The IKids U STEM Franchise Difference

The iKids U STEM Franchise Difference

As an iKids U franchise owner, your STEM franchise will inspire the next generation of learners. Owning a STEM after school franchise is so much more than operating a business. An iKids U education franchise is built around science, technology,…

Meet The Boss: Autumn Seiler, President Of IKids Inc

Meet the Boss: Autumn Seiler, President of iKids Inc

Autumn Seiler, president and co-founder for iKids Inc., has spent her entire life around children, from babysitting at a young age to working with children with disabilities and developmental delays as a pediatric occupational therapist. When she and her husband…

Franchisee Spotlight With Merrie Seiler And Rolinda Lankes

Franchisee Spotlight with Merrie Seiler and Rolinda Lankes

Merrie Seiler and Rolinda Lankes were teachers before they purchased their iKids U franchise in spring 2016. Former educators, a substitute teacher and an elementary school teacher respectively, the friends worked in several school districts in Texas. They had parents’…

Why Schools Need The Help Of A Children’s Education Franchise

Why Schools Need the Help of A Children’s Education Franchise

Researchers from the Urban Institute found that about one in five children ages 6 to 12 spend their after-school hours without supervision. Spending this window of time unsupervised comes with significant risk, not only to kids’ personal safety, but also…

Who Is The Ideal IKids U Education Franchisee?

Who Is the Ideal iKids U Education Franchisee?

Would you like to run your own kids' education franchise business that not only can help you boost your business skills and experience, but that also has a positive effect on the community? Our many after-school programs at iKids U…

Join A Revolutionary Education Franchise

Join a Revolutionary Education Franchise

From clubs to sports and everything in between, it seems like afterschool programs have been around forever. But they haven’t evolved all that much — until now. iKids University has completely changed the face of after school fun and enrichment…

Newest IKids Franchise Owner

Newest iKids Franchise Owner

Today, we sat down with our newest franchise owners, Merrie Seiler and Rolinda Lankes. They’re the proud owners of a new territory in Austin, Texas, which also includes the suburbs of Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, Lago Vista and…

IKids U Launches New Franchise Program

iKids U Launches New Franchise Program

Houston, Texas – iKids U, which has focused on creating and delivering organized, varied, and enriching educational after-school programs in local school districts since 2007, announced that it was implementing a new program to sell franchises, beginning their expansion efforts…

Why Children Need Quality After-School Options

Why Children Need Quality After-School Options

American school-aged youth actually spend a larger percentage of their weekly waking hours in discretionary activities than they do in school. That’s why today’s policymakers, educators, and parents are recognizing the need for after-school programs. But it’s about more than…

Today’s Parents Need IKids U

Today’s Parents Need iKids U

Did You Know? Today, more parents work outside the home than ever before. And many struggle to find adequate after-school options for their children. [1] In fact, while 10.2 million children are in after-school programs, the parents of another 19.4…


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